Blocked Because of IPS Attack unless in developer mode

Our site just went down. Users are receiving a Blocked because of IPS attack messages. I restored the site to a backup and it still persists. I check cloud flare and it seems to be a cache issue. I go into developer mode and the site works fine again.

I purged the cache and disabled developer mode but it stays broken.
I temporarily disabled cloud flare and it stayed broken.

I don’t really no where to turn if developer mode fixes it but disabling cloudflare does not.

That’s not a good sign. Another recent thread had a similar issue. This is your host’s security settings that need to be addressed. You’ll have to work with them to fix this. Especially if it happens when Cloudflare is disabled.

I’m on the phone with Network solutions now. Any idea what could possibly be the issue so I can get to the correct person?

Maybe you can team up with this user:

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