Blockchain domains managed by & from Cloudflare

I have been following blockchain domain development for a while, and I see a lucrative opportunity for a company like Cloudflare in them.
There are two options I consider worth adding:

1. Traditional domains:
The most robust is obviously ENS, now that registering any traditional TLD domain as an ENS domain is possible. It’s only the price that is prohibitive.

I was wondering if some Ethereum L2 solution directly from Cloudflare as the original, traditional registrar could solve this, making the ENS registration cheap, or even free.
The domain then could be either managed from the ENS dApp, or from the Cloudflare dashboard, adding the bits and pieces only Cloudflare can provide.

This could also work with other blockchain domains, eg Handshake (traditional TLDs are reserved), Tezos Domains, Polkadot Domains, Stacks, etc, if they have traditional domains on their development roadmap.

2. Native blockchain domains
If Cloudflare became a resolver for .eth (ENS), .tez (Tezos Domains), .btc (Stacks), Polkadot Domains (.dot?), and Handshake, these domains could be registered, managed, or even their functionality extended (eg https where available, Handshake being one) from within the Cloudflare dashboard.
It would still require the interaction with the native chain using native credentials (signing with wallet), and the native dashboard of each namespace would still function as needed. Prices could also be lowered or made free via L2/sidechain solutions.

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