Block Zaraz on admin area

@kuba_orlik I tried to implement a blocking trigger to prevent ShareThis from displaying on my Admin Pages but it is not working no matter what I do… any ideas? Exact same settings that you have implemented…

It’s not quite the exact same. You’re missing the trailing .* for the URL match.

Would you mind writing it out for me? I am not exactly what you would call tech savvy…

Just choose “contains” and write adminarea

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I tried that and it DOES NOT work. Zaraz keeps on injecting itself onto pages even after I disabled it. I have gone as far as to RESET Zaraz completely and it’s still injecting itself onto the website… There should be a simple Enable / Disable button similar to what Cloudflare has throughout its services. I have unchecked the “Automatically inject the Zaraz Initialization script into the page” - still persists on showing up… pretty insane if you ask me… Now Zaraz is tuck on my website and I cannot remove it… super frustrating!

That sounds extremely unlikely. What is your website URL ?

1 Like - i think i figured it out - that you have to “push” or apply changes - it’s not very clear… Coming from a person who has been doing UX / UI I would highly recommend improving some of the documentation and making it a bit clearer and user-friendly:

  1. A simple On/Off Switch would really help - similar to what Cloudflare has throughout - Zaraz should be consistent with Cloudflare
  2. Better controls over how Zaraz is implemented. Instead of all these Triggers and Blocks etc etc - make it simpler - for example: Are there pages / folders / directories which you would like Zaraz to not have access to? Then have fields like where you can enter simple inputs like /admin/ or /images/ or /websitepage.html - super simple and easy to use. The beauty of Cloudflare is its ease of use and how simple it is to execute very basic functions and even complex ones for the average user - Zaraz is not that yet - you know the saying “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.
  3. Introduce more connectivity out the box with other web services that require integration like ShareThis (every user has a key), or accessiBee, or Affirm which is the leading online financing platform for ecommerce. There are a lot of useful tools out there that should have more simple and straightforward integration capabilities. The more solutions you introduce the more people will want to use this. I think the concept is AMAZING - I personally hate GTM but I do think that this needs to be simplified and more user-friendly…

Thanks for the suggestions. Indeed, if you choose the Preview & Publish workflow, you have to “Publish” your changes. If you don’t like that you can always switch the default Real-time workflow.

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