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It would appear that someone has set up a fake advert on Yahoo Mail & Yahoo Finance which is sending traffic to my site. My visitor numbers are up over 1,500% today so far, site is slowing down.

I have no idea why they are sending traffic to my site as I assume there is a cost associated with placing the Ad. I have reported this to Yahoo, but unsure how long it will take them to take the advert down.

In the meantime is there any way I can temporarily block all traffic coming from Yahoo?

If you take a look at your server logs, you should see the referrer in the request.

But a quick try with a Firewall Rule might help. Check for if Referrer contains yahoo then Block. It may be case sensitive:

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Thanks for the reply.

Can I add this?

Maybe remove the extra whitespace after “yahoo”? Then should be ok.


Thank you.

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