block webview access

guys, is someone using my site in an application, they are using the webview of android studio and generating a realtime view from the url of my website and playing this in the application, has how to block access from my site this app ?

You could try to block the User Agent since you know it’s Android Studio.

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Good Morning,

How do I block this?
do I block by php code or Cloudflare?
how to find out the user’s people?
I believe they are using the android studio webview to replicate my site in their app.
please help me, do you have any tutorial on this? I have no one else to turn to.

Have a look at the firewall rules, you can choose an action based on user agent there.

Hello, did you find any solutions?
I need this solution as well to block them. thanks

webview requests sends a header called X-Requested-With: You can first catch the “” sent by the application and then block requests containing this value.