Block website only to be accessible from cloudflare


I have my domains and DNS in Cloudflare but have multiple website in local & other hosting providers.
Currently i am using port forwarding in the hosting side and DNS in routed to public at Cloudflare.

My problem is some security settings i have defined in Cloudflare but the host is accessible with ip address, which by passes the Cloudflare settings.

How can i prevent this, how can i open the ports only to be accessible though Cloudflare DNS.


On the local side or hosting providers you would need access to a firewall or other means to create rules that would “block all” except for this list of Cloudflare IPs. A firewall is the best place to manage these rules but it also depends on what you have to work with. If you have access to the web server tiers, these could be added there too - such as IIS, Apache, etc.

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