Block VPN and proxy

Is there an effective way to block visitors using VPN or proxy?

I’d say manually, investing time and playing with security settings, checking firewall events, creating new rules, testing, etc. :thinking:

Hmm, I have tried, but I couldn’t reach the correct settings for that.

I have seen websites using this captcha, when I visit it using VPN, It appear a page with message: “Please complete the captcha below to prove you’re a human and proceed to the page you’re trying to reach”.

How can I enable this captcha?


If you would like to use the exact phase, I’d suggest you add a firewall challenge rule against those IPs and customise the challenge page on the dashboard (under the custom pages tab). Although this requires a paid plan.

I am not sure if there are public lists of VPN IPs.

Hope this helps.

(I am just a CF user, so correct me if I am wrong)


Yes, I guess this is logically correct. I will find out how can I find those IPs.

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