Block visitors from one country to one sub-domain of main domain only



Hello there, subject of this topic is a my question.
I’ve found option to block access to whole site or to all my sites only, but I need such specific implementation.
Thank you.


Maybe you can use the Country Code in an .htaccess file.


@sdayman, thank you for response. A problem - I haven’t access to filesystem of this outsourced site on this specific subdomain, two months later I plan re-build all sites on subdomains using new platform, but for now it is “.aspx” on AWS and temporary I can use CF proxy / firewall only.


It doesn’t appear that Cloudflare has any way to implement country control for a subdomain.


So there is no rule or other option which would allow you to have one subdomain which restricts one set of countries and another subdomain which restricts another set?

I would love to have cloudflare manage my subdomains but be more restrictive as to who can access one subdomain such as but less restrictive for another like


Country Blocking is part of the Firewall. The Firewall applies to either your Zone (entire domain) or your Account (all domains).