Block traffic from other countries, but not good bots

Hello! My website is getting a lot of traffic from other countries different from mine (Brazil). Almost the same number of visitors. I have an e-commerce and I only sell to my country.

So, If create a firewall rule to only allow trafic from Brazil, wasn’t I blocking good bots, as described here, right?

Also, should I enable the Bot Fight Mode, on free plan?

Thank you in advance!


An easy rule is if Country NOT Brazil AND Known Bot = OFF (it’s not a known bot), then Block.

I really like free plan’s Bot Fight Mode. I’d leave it on unless I discovered it was causing problems.

Thanks for your reply!

After I block access from other countries then Brazil, my website had more than 1,3k blocked requests in less than 24 hours!

I did not implement the rule that you said, just blocked countries. I will try it now! :slight_smile:

But I found it very awkward, because according to this question, CloudFlare shouldn’t had block good bots.

If I understood it well, on the imagem bellow we can see that some Google bots were blocked:



Ticket number: #2243893

Thank you!

Note that this is google ASN, anybody can have it by renting google services (Google Cloud Platform).
The logs provided are insufficient to diagnose whether if a good bot was blocked or not.



Thanks for your reply!

And how to determine if it is a good bot or not?


The various bot companies have instructions on how to look up if the bot is legitimate or not. It usually involves a ‘host’ lookup of the IP address.


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