Block traffic from certain urls

Hello there are some dirty pages sending us unwanted traffic, ive been trying to block them through waf without much luck, and none of the topics opened previoulsy that I checked did the trick , could anyone help me on the rule to block that please?

an example of those pages would be this

[type or paste code here](,study+mba+in+germany+in+english,international+study+scholarships,apply+for+college+scholarships,best+university+for+renewable+energy+engineering+in+germany&tpct&rfpi=,seg4&acid=162803&avid=5806&asrc=fbk&atxt=Study+In+Germany+%28See+Options%29&src=fbk&fbclid=IwAR26lS55zcefdwh5aDI1IcU6tqqtGnD0QP0HPoURl8I4TlKXSZ-ROX76fLY&tg1=wv716sjdkr5n9bts2r9mrdm0&acid=162803&pcid&nterm=0&ct=47&query=Study+Mba+in+Germany+in+English&afdToken=ChMI9OT52-u2ggMV6UykBB0SJglEEm0BlLqpj7Kg1AOCPyg50EeUyMJaCw4mvuxbtYlxYCx4blZLCQLrp-TltweOc1rlpuEA38VYkdbcL6lq35ALVeci0TDRJnIinCB0mg4So9XkGFy4m_oHgc90d0FRBkU7GsTny_LUJLtlvotQl6cZ&pcsa=false&nb=0&

thank you very much in advance


Are you seeing this traffic in Google Analytics? If so, please :search: online for “google analytics spam” and you’ll find possible solutions for a problem that cannot be dealt with with Cloudflare tools.

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thank you for the direction, we will do that and reply in this thread any useful info for the community

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