Block traffic from certain countries

I want to block traffic from certain countries. I have Cloudflare free and I understand that it is possible, but I can’t understand this guide:

How to create the CF-IPCountry?

You don’t use that header for that but you configure a firewall rule at

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Is there a guide for this?

A guide for what? You add a rule and set the countries you want to block. The UI is pretty straightforward.

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You can also use

For example, if I want to block those countries in the image (it is only an example), should I put “and” ?

And from the list which of all the options?

If you use and, you require a request to come from all these countries, which of course won’t work. As for the options you mentioned, please refer to the documentation. Is in is not a bad pick though.

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So I understand that the following configuration would be correct to block the countries on the list.


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