Block this network

This networking is continuously sending bad traffic and login attach in my site. Wordfence block them but I want to block all the ip belong to this network. Help me do i do that in Cloudflare, I’m using pro plan.

That’s Tencent hosting in China. You can block their network (AS45090) in IP Access Rules:

Or in a Firewall Rule:


Thanks looks like its working, right? Can i block any specific country in my plan?

All plans can block countries in the rules section.

Also, you can block continents too, or challenge execpt know good bots.

Just change the as number in the srop down list, and does equals or is in … Which lets you list asns,countries, ips etc.


Thanks. If I want to block multiple AS number then I will choose OR to add another filed right?


  • OR will match if any condition is true
  • AND will only match if all the conditions are true

Use “Is In” instead of “Equals”, and you won’t have to worry about the logic.

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