Block the other EU states?

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Block the other EU states?

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Hello all,
I buy yet an UniFi Cloud Gateway Ultra router. I want to disable connect to router from all country, just mine no (Slovakia).
I want to access my sites only through Cloudflare, but no option to allow only IP-s, only countries. So, I see there is connecting to my sites CF from Czech republic, and Austria a couple of times.
Its safe to block all states in router except Slovakia, Czech republic and Austria?

What feature, service or problem is this related to?


If you won’t access your site outside of the Habsburg empire :wink: there shouldn’t be any issue in blocking everything but these countries. You probably won’t need search engines to access it either, so neither need to take this into account.

The following blocking rule should do the trick

(not in {"AT" "CZ" "SK"})
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You sending a setting for Cloudflare, I asking for router settings.

And search engines going through Cloudflare servers, not want access to router… I want block all countries only these 3 not. Maybe not problem for access Cloudflare my router.

That’s exactly what you configure with this configuration. If you want to know something about your router, then I am afraid I’d have to refer you to your router’s manufacturer’s community, as that is off-topic for here.

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From where know router manufacturer from where accessing Cloudflare servers? He can block only countries.

This I need: Cloudflare Global Network | Data Center Locations

If your router is on a proxied hostname, you can use the provided expression. If it is not, it is not Cloudflare related and you would need to discuss this with your vendor. Cloudflare won’t be involved.

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