Block specific page

hello i’ve insert a Js Challange for a specific page but dosen’t work…

any idea?

You have /it in front, that URL won’t match what you set up in your firewall rule. Either specify the full path or use contains.

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(http.request.uri.path eq "it/yzy-qntm.html")

thank you !
can you test it?

and do you think it’s best:

thx in advance

Post a screenshot of what you configured.

Hi sandro!

That is not the full path I referred to. Please check what I wrote earlier.

this contain

That won’t work either because of the AND, change it to an OR.

this :slightly_smiling_face:

That should work better, though I’d still rather use equals and the actual path. Just the leading slash is missing.

this :slight_smile:

Works now.

but for some users after 5 seconds the page reloads automatically

I’ve tried on

I am not sure what you mean by that. You are not blocking anything, you simply have a JavaScript challenge.

can you try to use
and put this link…

let me know

You mean because it does not reach your page? This is because how this service is implemented. In a proper browser it will work.

Overall the challenge is in place now.

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ok ok Thank You for a BIG SUPPORT Sandro!

Bye :slight_smile: