Block spam site to load my site

Recently I make a topic here about spam sites that load my site on their sites. I block the IP of that site and finally blocked it but now a new spam site has come and uses the google proxy to hide its Ip so I can’t access the IP to block it and also I don’t want to block google IPs, also this spam site using Cloudflare too.

in the short world:
A website dlandroid .watchmovies2 .com is loading my site ( ) on its site.
I mean, when you open dlandroid .watchmovies2 .com, my site would load for you.

I do several things about it to block the access but nothing worked, here is what I did:

1- Block the RSS feed
2- use these header codes:
header( "X-Frame-Options: DENY", true );
header( "Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'none'", true );
3- block the site name in the Firewall rules.
4- send DMCA report to Cloudflare

Can you help me to block this spam site?

any help?

This is not dedicated support. Most of us are volunteers that help others in our spare time. If you want technical support, you may consider buying paid plans. My recomendation is Zero Trust Standard, that includes email and chat support for $7/month.

Moving onto the issue. You should deploy a WAF firewall rule with the following configuration:

This will block all request coming from Hope it helps!