Block ports on a subdomain

I have domain that routes through Cloudflare and then a subdomain that route directly to server because its purpose is not viewing webpages.

How do I block ports on ONLY subdomain using Cloudflare, like ports 80/443?

You cant. You could place the part for the subdomain on a different port though.

Only :orange: the DNS record for the domain which needs to be proxied by Cloudflare. :grey: records will go direct to origin and bypass Cloudflare.

That was my understanding of what Ivan referred to as “route directly”.

Sandro, how would I place the subdomain on a different port? I not see any editing options for subdomains.

You dont place it, you simply make your service listen on that port. But you have to make sure the respective entry is :grey: in Cloudflare, hence the actual IP address gets resolved.

I can’t enable the cloud because the subdomain is game traffic. That is why I make subdomain pass thru direct to server. Hmmm, well I wonder if there is way to block ports server side with traffic coming subdomain. This might be tricky.

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