Block paged doesn't show

The “Block page” option in “General Settings” doesn’t work.

It says " Users will see this page when they reach a website blocked by Teams." But when I go to a blocked page (via DNS gateway policies) nothing happens. For step no.4 of DNS policy it has an option to “Display blocked page” but doesn’t actually display the correct page according to the block page option in general settings.

Hi there,

This is a bit of a tricky one to troubleshoot as there are many factors that could be at play here.

A few basic checks, the client that you are testing from - does it have the correct DNS nameservers configured that were assigned to you in your teams location account when you setup your profile? - Add locations · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

It may be worth raising a support ticket here about this one as we would need to check your configuration which requires discussing details about your account.

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