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Hello there,

I have a webpage protected by cloudflare for free. If you want to visit my webpage you can go to But a person create a new domain and now you can go to my webpage on example2.c.o.m. This isnt a redirect because, if you use example2.c.o.m the domain will stay in the adressfield. How can i block this by using cloudflare or htacces/PHP (if cloudflare didnt work).

So i want that my vititors can only use my domain example.c.o.m

Thanks for helping


You need to configure your web server to not respond to any other domain besides yours.

If you need more investigation, you’ll have to provide your domain name and the other domain that’s displaying your webpage.

p.s. Your Cloudflare options only apply to your own domain.


Regarding your htaccess question

I didn’t read the thread completely but it seemed legit.

Otherwise we’ll need more information about the domains.


Hello, thank you for helping :smiley: /

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I cannot block by using PHP or .htaccess (by using your post)



Why not? Some details about what you encountered could be useful.


I dont know. I used the code but i can still join my page by using the wrong domain.
Also i tested it by using:

Rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} !$
RewriteRule ^/?(.*)$1 [QSA, R=301,L]

here i got do many redirect error.

If i can tell more about my problem i would, but i cant.

The only thing i want is to block other domains which clones my content.

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