how to block unwanted page scanners and ON-PAGE SEO scanners by cloudflare?

example of a website blocks ON-Page SEO scanners:

example of a website blocks ON-Page SEO scanners.

How to do that through Firewall rules?


I am not sure what “on-page seo scanners” should be, but if you want to block requests you need to establish a pattern among them and block based on that with the request attributes available in a firewall rule.


I mean the websites that do technical seo audits. How to block those from accessing my website?

What I already wrote. What’s not clear about my explanation?

That website is using the Cloudflare firewall to block access (Error 1020 = Cloudflare firewall).

If you’re on a free Cloudflare account, I think you can only block based on the User Agent, and that’s available in Firewall > Tools section. You’ll have to find something unique and identifiable about the scanners and their user agents. You can see a list of Google’s bot/crawler user agents for example:

Pro account and above gives you many more options for the firewall.

Firewall Rules are available at all plan levels and offer tremendous flexibility over what traffic you can filter out.

Oh, you’re right. It was the “managed rules” I was thinking of, and those aren’t available on free accounts.

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