Block MITM just like ChatGPT

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Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a way to secure a https web app on chrome, and other browser just like chatgpt does, but for static data (No API) the main objective is to block MITM on my website and only allow sure and certified clients, so to prevent MITM Like i have tested with Proxyman and chatgpt and it fully block the access to the website if i enable a proxy,
I’m looking for the similliar thing in a website on whmcs for the full website, and enforce static files like jpeg,webpp, etc. to be delivered with zero trust on the clients devices.
The thing is that i don’t have api, and it’s not a mobile app but a webapp for web browser.
Is there a way to enforce the most the tls security so MITM be blocked ?
When testing on mtls i see that i need to use a client certificat that just need to be setup on the device it self (Just like on iOS apps or Android)

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