Block Microsoft ASN

These ips continuously scan my site and send these request. is that will be good idea if the block the ASN of Microsoft via Cloudflare ?

If you block ASNs AS8068 through AS8075 you can block M’soft - Security, WAF, Tools, Add ASNs
May need to add a rule to allow Bing if you want or need Bing
We found that blocking all M’soft traffic reduced bad traffic and attacks by about 80% and we now just get thousands of attack attempts from these ASNs blocked each day by Cloudflare

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Can you please provide me these Microsoft ASN list?

Also how do i allow bing after blocking these asn?

You probably want a rule that blocks ASN but allows verified bot. ASNs are hard to pin down for companies because they have many, but you can get them from AS8075 Microsoft Corporation details -

Example rule would look like


As above: “AS Num” “is in” 8068, 8069, 8070, 8071, 8072, 8073, 8074, 8075
Known Bots set to off

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(ip.geoip.asnum in {8068 8069 8070 8071 8072 8073 8074 8075} and not

This one is ok?

Thank you

That should work.

like 30% of bad bots comes from Microsoft network

and about 80% of the bad traffic we see - standard mass wordpress attack attempts rotating through Msoft IPs - all perm blocked

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yep Microsoft give free trial for her vps / rdp
that’s what explain this

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