Block Known Bots, But Allow Necessary Cloudflare Bots

I have sites that I need to block known bots, but I do not want to interfere with Cloudflare bots that are necessary to utilize Cloudflare services. I’ve been looking for a definitive list of IP addresses or ranges, but without success. Is such information available, so I can whitelist them?

I’m not aware of any Cloudflare bots that are critical to the operation of a website. Is something not working?

Everything is working fine, but things like Cloudflare’s speed measurements won’t produce results if you don’t allow them access. Also, I know they check the site’s SSL from time to time. Perhaps I should have expanded my question to Cloudflare IP addresses.

The Verified Bots should (generally) respect robots.txt, so probably the best place to block them.

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