Block ISP?


We are receiving hundreds of suspicious requests for page loads from Digital Ocean, and ISP. It uses a wide spread of IP addresses, including at least five primary digits and at least three countries. Is there a way to block traffic through a specific ISP?


You can block by AS number


Sandro – Thank you. We did see that possibility in Cloudflare, but do not see an AS number for the ISP in Whosis. Do you know if they’re reported in a specific area?


ISPs can have more than one AS, you’d need to collect all applicable ones (based on the IP) and then block them.


But you need to be on an enterprise plan. On all plans below you can only set up a challenge


Thank you both. It sounds like we may be limited to blocking a handful of ranges of IPs, unless there is a better idea?


AS actually works on all plans, only countries require an Enterprise plan

You simply need to collect all applicable ASes of that ISP and off you go :slight_smile:


Excellent, and again, thanks. Do you know of a way/place to collect AS’es?

#9 might be starting point


Sorry. You are right…