Block IP of a country

I’m under attack by a country “Vietnam”.
Since 3 days, it’s a connexion to my admin every 30 seconds. Actualités, they failed all Time…
But how I Can block any IP adress from a country ? Vietnam

Thanks you
Sorry for my english

If you want to block access to your site from a specific country then firewall rules should be what you are looking for!

You can’t block by country on free or lower plans, but can only challenge…

Precisely what domjh said. Create a firewall rule to block and block “VN”. Voilà.

With access rules you (still) cant, firewall rules changed the game in that respect. You can block the ■■■■ out of a country :smile:


I thought that, but then I searched the Help Center and it appeared to imply that you can’t! That should probably be made clearer!

The IP firewall refers to access rules and there you still cant block countries on the lower plans. With firewall rules they changed that.

I see that now… But still…

Agreed, but then, Cloudflare is a work in progress :smile:

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You shouldn’t block the whole country since Vietnam is not large botnet network or proxy server, just few hundred working and the connection to international is slow as ■■■■

Thank you for your answer.
I can’t block a country with Cloudflare, only challenge it.
In 4 hours, it’s less 400 attemps from Vietnam, with more 200 differents IP.

My website is on wordpress, so I use a plugin “IP GEO BLOCK” for it. And a second security with Challenge mode from Cloudflare Firewall.
When I use firewall Cloudflare, attacks are stopped. Certainly because it was a bot and didn’t like “challenge” page.

unfortunately I can not see Cloudflare’s stats about that.
Besides, if it is possible to see what a “challenge” page looks like?

You can, you only need to use a firewall rule.

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I can’t, I have not an enterprise plan

I mentioned that twice so far I believe, you can, you dont need an Enterprise plan.

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Sorry! It was probably my first post that confused things. Yes, as @sandro said, you can use Firewall rules to block by country, you just can’t use Access rules.

I can’t… I need an enterprise plan
I can just challenge them

Use Firewall rules, not access rules (not IP firewall)

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I seee the problem, thank you :slight_smile:

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