Block IP address through firewall doesn't see to work (FollowUp)

This was address previously and I took suggestions from a peer here, however we are back at the same problem, no matter what I do the rule doesn’t work. I need to block all these IPs from visiting a website.

The problem keeps happening please see old post was closed FEB 11. IP address keeps spamming our website. Cloudflare can’t stop it!

Are you sure they aren’t visiting your backend directly?

This sometimes happens to us, and as jnperamo mentioned, it is because the bad IP hits our server directly.

So once in a while I have to add IPs to the windows firewall blocklist on ports 80 and 443.

Also, better solution is this: if they are hitting your server directly by IP, you can configure your firewall to only accept IPs from Cloudflare’s system.

So only allow all of these IPs on web ports you have open:

which will deny all of the rest. Then bad actor can hit your backend directly.


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