Block http/1


My websites are attacked by someone, he is using a tool to do massive clics on my ads.

Blocking all requests with http version = HTTP/1 will harm my website??

I’m pretty sure he is using RDP this why I did block this http version.

May I ask, a requests comming from HTTP/1.0 or some other?

Not actually, it is an ancient one :slight_smile:

I see daily requests comming from HTTP/1.0 mostly from some python or other type-of strange and possibly bad crawlers.

In case if needed, here is some more explanation and detailed how to block it by using Cloudflare Firewall Rules:


HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1? Few visitors still use HTTP/1.0, but you definitely shouldn’t block HTTP/1.1.

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I did block HTTP/1.1 HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.2

Most of regular visitors come from Mobile, with HTTP/2

Is there mobile phone browsers that still use HTTP/1.1 ??

I did not notice any drop in the number of visitors on my website.

Thank you !

HTTP/1.1 is used:

  • For unencrypted HTTP requests
  • Before HTTP/2 upgrade negation
  • By browsers from before 2015

So I’d recommend against blocking HTTP/1.1.


Thank you for these informations, I’ll keep blocking it just for now to collect some ASN and user agent to block

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