Block HTML (Important)

Hi, i have a question:
How can i hide some parts of HTML that my hosting provider shows from Cloudflare?

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Thank you for asking.

Like the ads from free hosting? :thinking:
If yes, I’d suggest better not as you might lose your content.
Nevertheless, if this is the case then I’d suggest to purchase and use some of the cheap web hosting packages already available nowadays.

From visitor or by what do you mean? Can you be more detail about it?
Or you ment how to use Cloudflare to hide that particular content?

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Hi, so yes, i am using a free hosting and he shows a footer text i want to remove
Is it possible to do using Cloudflare
I have found the HTML tag that does this, and now how can i remove it using Cloudflare?

Hi @OverloadedTech ,

No , It is not possible because Cloudflare is not your host

Then , you can remove it from your hosting File Manager ?

I would like to know your host ?

I’d Suggest to use InfintyFree which is absolutely free and fast & don’t display any footer

I alredy use it

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Can I know the domain ?

Infinity Free doesn’t show any footer

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I KNOW, i want to do this with Google Sites

There is a way to hde the google stes footer using Cloudflare?

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Yes you can do this by creating a worker to do a rewrite of the HTML.


Hey, like what can i do to block:
div role=“button” class=“U26fgb mUbCce fKz7Od kpPxtd QMuaBc M9Bg4d” jscontroller=“VXdfxd” jsaction=“click:cOuCgd; mousedown:UX7yZ; mouseup:lbsD7e; mouseenter:tfO1Yc; mouseleave:JywGue; focus:AHmuwe; blur:O22p3e; contextmenu:mg9Pef;touchstart:p6p2H; touchmove:FwuNnf; touchend:yfqBxc(preventMouseEvents=true|preventDefault=true); touchcancel:JMtRjd;” jsshadow="" jsname=“Bg3gkf” aria-label=“Site actions” aria-disabled=“false” tabindex="-1" aria-hidden=“true”>

Could you make me a little guide?

Or generally, can you make me a guide of how to block?

How can i do?


Thanks for the help

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There is another way to do it without using Cloudflare Workers? But with other ways? Maybe pages rules?!..?

? Can anyone help me?