Block for threat score not working

I added new rule blocks if visitor threat score greater then 40. But when i try to reach my site from tor network it’s not blocking me which my ip adress fraud score is 100 what am i doing wrong in here?

Checking my ip adress from here: Free IP Address Lookup & Proxy Detection Test | IP Address Details | Proxy IP Check

Cloudflare has its own threat scores and methods for calculating them, not whatever that third party website issues.

If you want to see the threat score of your own IP, you could make a transform rule to add it to the response headers, and then check the response headers to see the score.

Under Rules → Transform Rules → Modify Response Header, you can create a new rule that matches all incoming requests, and then under Select item, select “Set Dynamic” header “threat_score” = cf.threat_score
Then if you check the response headers on your request to your site, you should see your threat score.

it’s not serving what i want. Threat score blocks when user try something malicious like sql injections but i want block malicious ip adresses directly any other advices?

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