Block domains with a specified extension

I want to block domains ending in .top .xyz .info, what should I do?
Please help me thanks.

Could you please elaborate where you want to block these domains?

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I do not really understand.

I want to block all domains ending in top info xyz.

Because these domains are usually not friendly and attack my website.

So I want to block all domains with top xyz and info.

I want any bots or links from domains ending in top info xyz to be blocked from reaching my website.

How do I configure the firewall? Can you just help me?


First of all, a domain cannot “attack” your website as it is simply a string of characters. When you purchase a domain, all you get are the rights to manage DNS records for that domain. This allows you to configure it so that, when someone types the domain into their browser, they are able to view your website.

Could you explain what the issue is? Are other websites stealing your content?


Thanks albert,

Right sites that stole my content.

I got a notification that 900 .top domains stole my content via auto post on rss.

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