Block country via firewall rules penalization?

Hi to everyone!
I am new to the community and i am thankful if somebody could help me to clarify the following doubts.
I decided to block an entire country excluding known bots with the following firewall rule: ( eq “IT” and not

I would like to know,

  1. are you aware of any penalization given by search engines like google for blocking an entire country?
  2. are you aware of any speed impact of the rule, in other words does the rule increase the website loading time?

Thanks in advance.


I have 20+ rules, some including regular expressions, some including multiple tests and I haven’t noticed any service degradation so in terms of speed this should be fine.

As for search engines penalising certain domains, it shouldn’t be a problem - if it is not the target country and if the bots are still allowed it should be fine. I block quite a few countries on my domains too.

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