Block countries not saving additions or changes

I have numerous blocked countries that is denied access to my webpage under Firewall-Tools. If I remember correct that is where I created them initially, however, even though the CF interface allows me to add, remove and edit the countries none of the settings are saved. I tried different browsers too, any ideas? Thx:-)

What exact product are you using to achieve this?

Are you using Firewall Rules or IP Access Rules?
Do you see an error shown when you try to save it, if you do, can you share what you see? (errors sometimes show along the bottom of the webpage)

Hi, Thanx for the reply Jamie. There is no error shown anywhere.

I have numerous countries listed under Firewall, tools and the default heading there is IP Access rules.

That interface allows me to add countries or ip ranges and then specify allow or block each listing. I do this, however the CF interface just simply doesnt save the additions or changes after pressing the ADD button, or after using the dropdown on already loaded countries to change from allow to block. There is no other option visible to SAVE CHANGES on the page, so it feels counter intuitive and seems like a malfunction to me. I also cant add a note and when I press save just nothing happens. A entire entry delete works though.

I therefore ended up using 1 of my 5 Firewall-Firewall rules to block Germany as I have many hacking attempts from there at present but it should ideally just be added to my long list of other blocked countries under Firewall-tools-IP access rules.
Thx :slight_smile:

Are you on an Enterprise plan?

If you open dev tools in your browser, what message do you see for the rules request? If I try to add a country block on a non-Enterprise plan I get a message like this:

  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 10016,
      "message": "firewallaccessrules.api.not_entitled.country_block"
  "messages": []

Hi Michael thanks for the response. Iā€™m on the free plan.
I think to just simplify the issue I will stop using the IP access rules interface and just use the Firewall rules expression. I learned now that by using OR i can add multiple countries to one string expression so that seems to work and I only consume 1 of my 5 rules. For the benefit of others what I am referring to is reflected in the following 2 pics.

Might be simpler to do:

( in {"AF" "DE" "DZ"})


Absolutely, thank you

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