Block Continnents and countries


I want to block countries and continents when they visit a subdomain. I’m not sure what to pick.

I have set it that way now: (Firewall Rule)

I’m in Germany so I shouldn’t see the site, but I can visit it. Any idea why?


Last time I checked Austria and Switzerland were still on the European continent, but your expression requires them to be either in Africa or in Asia :slight_smile:

If you want to block that particular URL, you best use this pseudo-expression

uri contains "X" and (country in X or continent in X)
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So, you mean I have to use OR instead of AND, correct? :slight_smile:

I basically want to only block everything that has “9to5jailbreak” in it - It’s a subdomain… Is there an option for this?


Mentioned expression should do exactly that.

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