Block cloudflare in australia

My sever is in australia and i have traffic all over the world. Can i set up the CDN so that it works all over the world except australia, as the traffic actually goes via singapore which means my site wil be slower in australia.

To simply block all Australian visitors use this Firewall Rule:
block australia

Depending on how your site works you may want to Whitelist any Australian IPs that do need access

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But will this block users to my site from Australia … or will it just stop them Australian users from going through cloudflare

Thats not possible, as DNS is globaly.
A workaround would be: send/redirect australian users to: au.domain.tld which is :grey:. They then will bypass Cloudflare. But this must happen on another FQDN (another subdomain, or domain).

Also this thread should not be named “Block Cloudflare” but rather “Bypass Cloudflare”

It will block access from Australia. If you want to by pass CDN for Australia user, you can create a subdomain or a .au domain for Australia user and set it to NOT use Cloudflare proxy and then forward all traffic from Australia to that domain / subdomain and vice versa, forward all traffice from the world to .au domain to the main domain

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