Block by cloudflare?

IP : .

Since yesterday, mobile phone networks in Taiwan have been unable to connect properly. An 522 error occurred. Others can be linked normally.

From the server traceroute, it was found to be blocked in cloudflare.Other IP block of the same route can connect normally.

I have tried to change the routing, but the situation is still the same.

I don’t know how to solve it.

Attach blocked and unblocked traceroute data .

Where do you believe Cloudflare comes in in all of this? These traceroutes go from your server to - seemingly - Discord. Cloudflare is not involved here.

In the unlocked traceroute (No. 6), the cloudflare node was entered.

What is the actual URL in question?


That is not the URL. Post the domain. does seem to work but returns a 404.


In that case not Cloudflare is blocked but your ISP blocks your server. Currently it is not proxied, switch the record to :orange: and try again.

Also, your server certificate has expired, you should renew that.

Can you give me a screenshot?

Of what? Go to your DNS records and switch the record in question to :orange:.

My record is proxied , you cant see?

Now, it is. It is working now, right?

no ,
The problem is still the same,mobile network not work.

You might have to wait for DNS propagation.

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