Block bots only subdomains


Is it possible to block bots only for subdomains and not for the root (main) domain? so for example but not

I would like for google bot (the good ones) to still be able to get to my website but dangerous bots not …

Thanks in advance

I guess this is only possible with Bot Management, which is an Enterprise feature.

If you are talking about Bot Fight Mode (which is available on all plans), the setting applies to all websites and you can’t selectively disable it based on subdomains.

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Oh sorry i meant allow the bots on the main domain and block on the sub domains. Is this also only possible with bot management. Or do you have a firewall or page rule for it?

In a Firewall Rule you can use the hostname selector to specify which subdomains the rule should apply to, but as @erictung mentioned only ENT plans will let you finetune your rules with Bot Management. On other plans, you can always craft your own rules though:

Threat Score is just an example, you may want to familiarize yourself with how Firewall Rules work and create specific rules to match your use case.

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