Block please

Can you block their clawler please?

I checked my access logs they use IP spoofing, sometimes all I have in the access logs is “” instead of a valid IP address

Hi @spmbx, no one can see your account to make changes on your behalf. There are good #Tutorials on firewall settings. What steps have you taken so far?

I have used the logs to find ip of bots
but they use fake ip / hostname that I can not ban
their hostname is literally
how can I ban that?

In fact: you can’t block them. The only thing is to send an e-mail. You will not get an immediate reply but they will remove your site.

They don’t respect robots.txt, you might Not be able to block their IPs. I found an extensive article:

From the forums:

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Mark, I believe the OP refers to, not .org.

.org is relatively respectful AFAIK, .is is not.


Ooops :speak_no_evil:

Why the heck do they all sound similar :pensive:
Even a quick Google search brought up archive .org

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