Block apple private relay

Hello. I’m am trying to use Cloudflare zero dashboard to prevent block the use of using under iPhone Wi-Fi name private wifi address

I have a guest network and don’t like any random person to connect that I am not aware of.

I have the relay agents to block I think

I add the rule under http as host is … Block
Plus I also tried to put them in Dns same thisng. They don’t get blocked. I see them being allowed still in the logs. Weird it’s not finding it. To test. Blocked a site like cnn and I saw it in the logs as blocked. And it worked. For some reason I can’t hear.

I also use ubiquity UniFi stuff on backend. Some more history. I got this to work under open DNS as simple as adding those domains under the block list and it worked just fine. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

If anybody knows a better way or another way or I’m doing something wrong please help

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