Block an IP completely


I’m getting too many requests from a specific IP, every day hundred thousands.
I’ve contacted with the hosting provider(BanaHost) and even though I’ve sent Cloudflare screenshots, they’re just saying they’re not sending any requests etc…

Could you tell me what I can do?
And what is the best way to completely block this IP?
I’ve created a rule in Firewall Rules and I’m blocking this IP but I wonder if there is anything else I can do on Cloudflare or somewhere else to complain&take action against to the hosting provider or the owner of the IP.

Many thanks

Well, you either use IP access or firewall rules. I understand you already did the latter, so you should be fine.

Nothing else to do on Cloudflare in this context. If you want to file a complaint, you can certainly use Whois to find the owner, but that’s beyond Cloudflare.

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