Block all traffic from Huawei Cloud

Hi, can anybody help me how to block all traffic from Huawei Cloud?
My site is hammered with fake traffic.
I want to setup an ISP rule, but cannot find it.


I think the ASN is 64512, but you will be able to confirm. You can block this in two ways.

  1. An IP Access Rule (enter the ASN as AS64512):

  1. A WAF Rule with the expression (ip.geoip.asnum in {64512})
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Thank you, which ISP is AS64512 ? I can see AS64512 is a private ASN.

This is the traffic I get…

I did say you can confirm the ASN! That is, as you point out, a private ASN, but is the one listed on their own documentation

Those addresses are coming from AS136907

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