Block all proxies


Is it possible to ban all proxies and VPNs with Cloudflare firewall ?


No. Is there a specific problem you’re trying to eliminate?


A lot of people who connect via VPNs or proxies are creating problems on our website.
Intentional posts, trying to mess up the forum etc.

This is not typical spamming. It’s hard to identify. We have figured out that almost all of them are using proxies.

We do ban IPs and ASNs but it would be great to simply block all proxies.

Thanks !

There’s no blanket solution to banning proxies and VPNs. They all show up as regular visitors until they trigger enough spam across the internet to be blacklisted on many IP reputation systems (like Cloudflare).

What you should try is setting your website to under attack mode and implementing ReCaptcha so that they end up being hit hard by Google after filling in a captcha too many times on the same website.


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