Block accessing site using WAF

Hoping everything is going well,
i’ve my own site :
also have an erp site:
using WAF rule how can i allow my site to be access through global world.
and just allow access to the ERP only from my country (Egypt) and block access it through the global world?


The first solution that comes to my mind is use the following WAF rule expression to only allow Egypt users:

( eq "" and ne "EG")

And set the action to Block

This basically blocks every request to which the source IP address is not from Egypt

WAF reference:

Hi kynsonszetau,
many thanks for your help, i’ll try it and feed you back :slight_smile: also shall i do make any rule for the main site

Hi Ahmed,

You’re welcome. If you would like the main site globally accessible (including Egypt) then I think no WAF rule is needed.

If you wish you can try to redirect Egypt users to the specific site with Redirect Rules. See for how to configure it. It should be quite similar to the WAF rule expression but without the ne (not equal) operator.

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