Block access to domain directory

Hi what is the best way to block access to a domain directory like this*

And only some IPs can access?


You assigned your topic with a category with “Security - Access”, so I’m not sure whether I want to suggest you a solution using Firewall Rules or Cloudflare Access, which are different products. But I’ll assume that you are looking for a simple Firewall configuration since many people assigned their topic with “Security - Access” category but the question is entirely unrelated to Cloudflare Access.

Anyway, if you are using a free plan, try this (not a preferred way, URLs like /something/directory can be also blocked by this firewall rule:

If you are using Pro plan, try this:

If you are looking for Cloudflare Access solution instead, try this:

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@erictung thanks for the 3 ways to do this.

So strange i try the Zone lockdown rule, and if i choose*

I can acess to but not to the

How to block all the directory?

To work like i need to put 2 domains like this*

This is normal?


Try remove the slash*

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