Block a website to acsses my site

A website apk5 is loading my site ( on its site.
I mean, when you open apk5, my site would load for you.
I block its IP manually but the owner of this site change the IP too. how can I block this site from access my site?

Are you saying that requests for treendideas are showing up in your server logs?

It’s not showing in my servers logs or even using my server,
apk5 load my entire site in his site (like a frame), I can stop it by blocking his server IP address, I do it manually but I wondering if any better ways we have to stop this website to load my site?

try to add

header('X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN');



in your script

also try to block site domain not the ip from the cloudflare firewall

I haven’t tried this before so test it first and if there is a problem delete it

If treendideas isn’t their website, then that firewall rule won’t have any effect.

At this point, the question is if it’s being scraped, or pulled realtime from their server through another domain. If there’s nothing in the server logs, then it would appear to be scraped.

There are many topics here already regarding scraping, and I’m quite sure more on the general Internet as well.

There are three way to stole topics

1- rss service (Download Android) you should stop the rss feed or they can take all the topic by rss automatic…
2- bots (just run “I am under attack” to block it.
3- (frame by html) and I have explained how to protect it (header(‘X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN’):wink:

There are other ways, but these are the most common, especially the rss

I think if he stops rss he won’t be able to copy topics (There are WordPress plugins to disable rss) because his site uses wordpress

Any of those three would show up in the logs, unless you’re referring to scraping where those requests would show up farther back in the logs. Option 3 would definitely show up the logs in realtime.

i don’t know if it show the logs,

but (there is plugin for WordPress that take topics from another site RSS feed)

The problem is not in Cloudflare, the problem can be solved by WordPress, such as turning off the rss feature via “Yoast SEO” plugin or run “I am under attack mode”.

we are here to help, I hope he resolved the issue

Thank you @sdayman & @sdayman for the suggestion. I add that firewall rule lets see if it helps.
I disable iframe but did not work, can’t disable Curl because of the script I’m using, ‘Under attack mode’ is not a good solution because it show a captcha to all users and annoying for them,
If you know any other way I would be really happy to share it with me.
Thanks in advance

his site not working now it show “error code: 1005”, did you find a solution?

also I think this well help two:

if you want to try please take a full backup of your site on your PC so you don’t lose anything…

@yahya.m.david I block his IP manually so it shows an error. also, I did the solution you said. let’s see what happens next.

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