Bloc /wp-content/ in WAF rule

Hi. I want to know what is mean of firewall rule: (http.request.uri.path contains “/wp-content/” and not http.referer contains “simplymerinowool. com”). When i try to access any image, it shows blocked by cloudflare. Currently I have turned off this rule.

That rule means that any request for a path containing “/wp-content/” that does not have a referer header of will be blocked. I would imagine if you visit the images directly that you will not have the refer header

Should I enable it or not? And when I try to directly Access images, they are blocked. But when simply visiting website, I can see images.

However, when I had turned on that firewall, my images for google crawler were broken.

Through google rich results test, I came to know about this. There was a section of resources not properly loading. I had images there as well. After turning that firewall rule off, images started shown as properly loading resources in google tool

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