Blink flicker page repaint issue when i use rocket loader in my website


Dear support i have this website i am pleased with your free service hope my traffic goes well enough to get a paid one soon.
I have the blink flash effect when the page loads after enabling rocket loader and i wanted to ask for help for what is causing my page to
repaint when it loads so that i can exclude with the <script data-cfasync=“false” blahblahblah tag.
Regards Thanos.


I don’t see any blinking on Firefox. You may want to clean up the HTML though. I bet the html errors are causing issues in other browsers.


this is because i have disabled the rocket loader
and something strange just happened when i enabled it!!! for the first time ever i got resource limit exceeded in my browser!! i will keep it disabled …for now i will look for another template maybe this is th problem.


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