Blind URL Forwarding

I just created the Cloudfare account for a website that I personally own. I setup a page forward while following a KB about it, however it’s not a ‘blind’ forward.

Is there a way to configure the forward to always read the url, and not display the url of the forward?

Hi @slc.kltaylor,

Do you mean to redirect a URL or rewrite it in the HTML code?

Please explain the situation better so that I or other members can help you.

I own a url, that forwards to the webhost on my Synology NAS. When visitors type in my URL, while I want the resolution to forward to the NAS address, I still want the url in the browser to remain as

That is what is known as ‘Frame forwarding’ and is not currently a feature with Cloudflare. It is generally done with a full page iFrame of the page you want to show.


Interesting, and thanks for replying to me. Is there a KB here on Cloudfare that can explain the full iframe aspect so I can do that?

No, as it is not something that can be done with Cloudflare. If you search elsewhere for it, you will probably find some instructions.

I know how to add an iframe to an html document, just wasn’t sure if that was something that could happen through Cloudfare.

Thanks again for your help!

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