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Hello, I added Cloudflare to my website, deleted the original Ns1 and Ns2 servers from the domain (ones linked to my platform of which i built the site on), now when I use https:// www. mydomain .com I get a white screen. If I take https:// out it works fine. Could anyone suggest why?

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Have you configured SSL on your website?

In Cloudflare, you can play with the SSL settings if you click the domain from the list and choose SSL/TLS from the sidemenu:

To be totally honest I have no clue what I’m doing. I have done a few and always ticked to full, and worked straight away with no interference, this one isn’t.


Can you share the name? example dot com is fine

Random idea, check the A records called www, remove them, recreate one as a CNAME with the value of the name of your domain

Failing that, try these quickfix ideas,

It’s topmopseesex .com. Will try them now. It is saying hosting issue but have never had an issue with this combo before

It looks like your hosting doesn’t have that subdomain set up for SSL.

I’d recommend you grey-cloud that DNS record, then wait five minutes for it to take effect. After that, see if the DNS-Only connection to that site works with HTTPS. It probably won’t, and you’ll have to work with your host to get that fixed before you can orange-cloud that DNS record.

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