Blank screen on WordPress dashboard

I installed a block builder plug-in yesterday in WordPress following which my WP-dashboard and site are showing a blank screen. I do not have log in details to connect to files via FTP to begin troubleshooting such as disabling all plug-ins outside of the dashboard. I inherited editing the website in my job and information provided was limited. I noticed CloudFlare was the server for our website:

Is there anything CloudFlare can do that will allow me to access the WP-dashboard again?

Many thanks

Hi @gillian.vernon,

Cloudflare won’t be your web host, they sit between your visitors and host.

In order to disable the plugin without dashboard access, you will need access to the files via your host’s online file manager or FTP. Perhaps try contacting them and see if they can help.

If you are not sure who your host is, it may have changed, but looking at historical data for your domain it looks like it only started using Cloudflare 8 months ago. Before that, data shows an IP address which comes back to Dreamscape Networks Inc Australia so I suspect your host may be one of their brands.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. Kind Regards, Gill

No problem, glad I could help! Please just let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

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