Blank screen but resolved after purging cache

A customer of mine has feedback, TWICE in this month, that he experienced blank screen on our website. In both cases, I simply purge the cache in Cloudflare and his issue resolved immediately.

I had no issue with other customers. So it seems to be an issue between Cloudflare and his ISP.

Is there something that I or Cloudflare can do to address to this issue? If you (Cloudflare support who see this post) needs more info from his user, I can get it from him.

Those of you who are familiar with this issue, I would appreciate if you can share your experience.

Thank you.

If they could fire up their browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome), the Console and/or Network tab may shed some light on what’s going on.

If I were to guess, there’s a cache mismatch between some of the resources. Like HTML that asks for a serialized CSS filename that no longer exists.

What’s the website URL?

Thanks for the hint. I think your guess is right. One of the js files probably failed to load somehow, and hence the error file is persistently loaded by the cache.

Why it didn’t load initially is another question. But for now, we have added a check. If the file isn’t loaded, the page will load the backup file, whose filename includes a random variable so that cache doesn’t come into play here.

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