Blank Public Hostname


I need everyone’s help.

After I added new connector to Cloudflare Tunnel, all my hostnames disappeared. I tried:

  • Remove the connector I just added,
  • Clear browser cache,
  • Change other browsers like Firefox, Edge, Safari (I’m using Chrome).

Things can’t go back to normal, Public Hostname (in Access – Tunnel) still blank.

What do I do next to show my Public Hostnames again.

P/s: Currently my Public Hostnames are not accessible.

it still display when i hover mouse to

Any update on this problem?
This same thing happened to me.

Hi there - I’m Abe from the Product team. I’m not able to reproduce this issue, but would happy to take a look if you’re still experiencing this behavior. Would you mind opening a support ticket and then sharing the ticket number here shortly after? We’ll likely need a .har file and the Tunnel ID you observed this behavior for if you’re comfortable sharing this information through the support portal.

I just had the same issue under the same circumstances. I was adding a new hostname and suddenly all of the other were gone and inaccessible. The DNS entries remain however.
Not sure if relevant but I was adding the new hostname from a mobile browser.

Did you happen to find any solution other than adding them all again manually?